Wacky Wednesdays

Save 20%* Every Wednesdays on Selected Services

We’re celebrating every Wednesday throughout 2018!  Customers can continue to enjoy the quality of our premium Sanitone drycleaning and still save 20%* on selected items everyWednesday throughout 2018.

To help our customers plan ahead, we’ve published the list of Wacky Wednesday specials for the entire year!

Click Here:    Boone Cleaners Wacky Wednesday Flyer 2019      (Adobe Reader version)

*How to Receive the 20% Wacky Wednesday Discount:

All customers should be aware that to receive the Wacky Wednesday discount, certain conditions and limitations will apply. It is our longstanding policy to treat all customers equally.

  • The 20% discount applies only to items being dropped off on the date specified – which is always a Wednesday. No exceptions. Items dropped off on any other day of the week do not qualify.
  • The Wacky Wednesday discount does not apply to transfer orders or free home pickup and delivery orders. To qualify for the Wacky Wednesday discount, items must be dropped off and picked up at the same store location.
  • The Wacky Wednesday discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. Our computer only allows us to apply one discount per order. Thus we cannot combine another coupon with a Wacky Wednesday special. Should two different discounts or coupons be in force, you have the choice as to which one you would like to use.
  • There is no quantity limit. Bring in as many of the selected items as you like. Applies to both men’s or ladies’ garments. Normal upcharges will be added before the discount is taken.

During 2018 we’re making Wednesdays something to get excited about!