Household Services

At Boone Cleaners, we can clean you comforters, blankets, draperies and more. We have industrial 125 pound washing machines and dryers that give your favorite bedroom items plenty of room to get the best cleaning possible. This helps them look their best and avoids wrinkling. If you ever tried to wash a big comforter at home, you probably know that it’s next to impossible to get good results. Our oversized washing machines and drycleanning machines are perfect for cleaning your larger household items. We have two large drycleaning machines and four industrial washers, so we can process you best household items very quickly. In fact, if you have to have them the same day, it’s no problem. We can have you sleeping with your favorite comforter the same day. We do encourage you to leave them for two days as household items normally can be quite stained; but, when you have to have it, you got it!